Construction Robot

I have done this project as a Research Assistant in the Manufacturing Engineering Phd program, which I have attended (2006-2008). This has been done as a part of Contour Crafting research project.

I have designed and developed the control software of a large gantry robot (for construction purposes) in VB.Net. The application included the following features:
  • User interface to control the robot manually.
  • User interface to provide robot movement plans through text files. 
  • Interface with a servo motor controller which controlled 5 different servo motors. 
  • Interface with a PLC control system which controlled several motors and actuators.

I have also designed, fabricated, and programmed an embedded system with ADUC-7026 microcontroller to drive a PS-2/USB mouse. The analog output of this system was used to driver a PID controller. This was intended to create a visual sensor to measure the flow of concert in a pipe.